Note: Action Arena spawned a new project called Alturt. If you're interested in source code, the Alturt source code is miles ahead of Action Arena.

Action Arena

Action Arena is a mod for Urban Terror 4.1. It changes the gameplay to be more like Quake 3 Arena. It does not alter or harm your regular UrT installation in any way; it resides in it's own separate sub-directory and doesn't interfere with you playing UrT on a regular UrT server.

Download Action Arena beta 0.1

Installation Instructions

Unzip in your ioUrbanTerror *engine* folder, NOT in your q3ut4 mod folder! So if your ioUrbanTerror is in C:\games\urbanterror\, then your q3ut4 mod folder is at C:\games\urbanterror\q3ut4\ and you will unzip to C:\games\urbanterror\ (*NOT* \q3ut4\)

You can make a shortcut on your desktop to ioUrbanTerror.exe and then alter it to say ioUrbanTerror.exe +set fs_game action (if you don't run it with +set fs_game action then you'll just be running normal urt, not action arena)

There is also a bat file to run the mod in the mod folder called actionarena.bat. It assumes you are running ioUrbanTerror.exe.

The mod also works for linux and mac. You should be able to figure out how to install it based on the windows instructions I just gave.

Action Arena mod for Urban Terror is intended for use with ioUrbanTerror and therefore does not work properly with Quake 3.


If you would like to run your own server, here is a template for the server.cfg

You can also launch it locally and add bots. Valid game modes are 1, 2, 3, and 4. 4 is CTF.


The purpose of Action Arena beta 0.1 is to get the baseq3 mod source code working decently well with urban terror (by default the baseq3 mod code doesn't work with urban terror and crashes with errors because it is expecting the base game to be q3, not urt). As such, beta 0.1 is intentionally very simple, since the point of it was to just get it working without any major obvious glitches. It doesn't even support proper CTF team spawn points yet, for example, and it is missing pretty much all the features of Urban Terror. What good it is is that it's a decent start on mod code that you can use to make mods for urban terror. So besides just getting 0.1 to work, the other point of it is to get the ball rolling with hopefully other people making mods and improving the code.

Known Issues (discovered after the release)

Known Issues (before the release)

Action Arena is not affiliated with Frozen Sand, Silicon Ice, or Id Software!
Urban Terror is copyright Frozen Sand
Quake III and Team Arena are copyright Id Software